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Minerals 60 ct.

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Minerals 60 ct.

YES™ Ultimate Minerals are an effective way to replenish some of the essential minerals that Nature intended for us to receive on a daily basis, before commercial farmers and food processors ruined them. Minerals are technically termed coenzymes and they help vitamins work much more efficiently.

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Minerals and Vitamins are cofactors. Together they make your biochemical reactions work up to 1,000,000 times more efficiently! Everyone is spending money on vitamins, but few people give minerals the attention they deserve. Your body can't make minerals; like vitamins, they must come from your diet. In our opinion, mineral supplements are more important than taking vitamins, because vitamins are still in the foods; whereas, minerals through over-farming the land no longer are. Eating properly and taking YES™ Ultimate Minerals gives you all the vitamins & minerals you need!

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