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Beware of Imposters


Our EFA products have earned a loyal following of Doctors and their Patients. Let’s review our approach versus that of the imposters.

•    We have been manufacturing and selling our EFA blend for over 15 years. Our formulation was developed by a scientist at the forefront in the science of lipids. He has authored several books and many articles on this topic.
•    Our formulation has been refined through feedback from doctors and thousands of their patients from around the world.
•    We have supported and participated in state-of-the-art Lipid research over many years.
•    Our ratio is easily “borrowed” by imitators by reading the Supplements Panel.
•    The Oils that we use can also be “borrowed” using the same lazy technique.
•    The ratio of Parent Omega/6 to Parent Omega/3 can be gleaned from the work that we post on our website.
•    The benefits of our truly unique blend can easily be found on our website as well.
•    What the imposters will not be able to acquire without painstaking effort is the exact ratio of the individual oils in our proprietary blend. They will know the overall ratio of Omega/6 to Omega/3, but they cannot reverse engineer the ratio of the individual oils in the blend.
•    The Imposters will also not understand the value of different strains of Organic Oils / effect of specific growing conditions / effects of specific processing, etc., that we have researched and found over many years of developing the best product of its kind. Just because an oil is present is not sufficient for maximum potency and effectiveness.
•    Our EFA blend is the one that doctor’s and their patients worldwide have relied on for more than 15 years.

Creating, refining, and carefully improving an effective product over many years has allowed us to help thousands of people improve their health. When imposters threaten the wellbeing of those same people, then we will alert you of the deception.