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YES™ for Pets

YES™ Ultimate EFA™ liquid: Discover vital, nutrition for your pet. Based on State-of-the-Art Science and formulated for supreme quality using organic & unprocessed ingredients.

Why choose YES™ Ultimate EFAs™ for your pet?

Giving our pets the very best care is important to all of us. Many of us take nutritional supplements to boost our immunity and improve the quality of our health. Our pets also need nutritional support. There are many pet supplements on the market, unfortunately most lack essential nutrients.

EFAs are Essential Fatty Acids, vital for circulation, cellular oxygen, and overall health. Healthy cells provide a healthy immune system for your pet. There has been a lot of talk about Omega-3 EFAs for both human and animal health. But there is much more to EFAs than the Omega-3 derivatives, DHA and EPA.

Just like humans, our pets need both of the Parent EFAs, Omega-6 and Omega-3, for optimal health. Parent EFAs, or what we like to call Parent Essential Oils, have not been converted into their derivative forms. Your pet's body will utilize the Parent oils first, and manufacture all vital derivatives from the parent oils as necessary. Supplements that contain only omega-3 derivatives are insufficient.

Our pets are members of our family, and we have a responsibility to provide the best possible care for them. To that end, we must overcome the inadequacies in their diet. This is why supplementing your pet's diet with YESTM organic, cold-pressed, Parent Omega-6 / Parent Omega-3 EFAs is so important for your pet to live a long healthy life.

YES Ultimate EFA™ liquid contains both Parent Omega-6 and Parent Omega-3 EFAs in their natural, undamaged forms. The balance of these essential oils is ideal for your pet's body to assimilate and use optimally to improve their health in a variety of ways.

• better circulation
• more restful sleep
• improved immune system
• healthy, shiny coat
• improved brain function
• Softer Skin
• Greater Stamina
• Fewer Allergy Symptoms
• Stronger nails
• and more...

Basic Pet Dosages

Large Dogs (German Shepherd to Great Dane)
2 Teaspoons daily

Medium Dogs
(Basset Hound to Husky)
1 Teaspoon daily

Small Dogs
(Teacups to Beagles & Cats)
1/2 Teaspoon daily

YES™ Supplements regularly supports Love Puppy Breath Rescue with our liquid EFA supplement. Please review the before and after photos of several rescue dogs so you can see the benefits of including our EFAs in their daily regimen.

Chia, Grayson, and Shiloh all experienced improvements after introduction of the YES liquid EFAs. Care givers noticed an improvement in their coats, appetite and energy levels. Each dog was fed a high quality, natural diet and preferred treatments were drug-free as much as possible. These particular cases only saw noticeable improvements after the YES™ Ultimate EFA™ liquid was added to their regimen.

Many of us here at YES™ have pets (Pixie, Beaubette, and Emma pictured above our ours), and we all give them the YES™ Ultimate EFA liquid. We've seen the same benefits that these adorable rescue dogs have seen, and more. The Parent Omega-6 in the YES™ EFAs is excellent for skin, eyes, and coat, as well as a stronger immune system and overall better health. Just like humans, our pets need this vital nutrition. We are sure your pet will benefit, too.

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